Monero is a secure, untraceable and resilient digital currency. We believe it is the successor to Bitcoin. Read why.
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USD/XMR Exchanges
Note that Poloniex requires USD Tether coins, and cannot accept USD directly
Transactions per hour
Transaction fees paid (last 100 transactions)
Note that the "lowest" Bitcoin transaction fees paid figures can be misleading, becuase these "low fee" transactions usually cost far more due to their fees being paid "off blockchain".
Trezor now supports Monero
Market Capitalization
Trading Volume
Monthly transaction count
XMR/BTC Exchanges
Other XMR Exchanges
Bisq   P2P exchange
Bithumb   Korean WON
BitMEX   Monero futures contracts
Bter   CNY
Btc38   CNY
BTCAlpha   BTC
Cryptomate   GBP
Cryptopia   Doge, USDT, NZDT, LTC, BTC
Cryptox   BTC
southXchange   BTC, USD
TuxExchange   BTC
Official GUI wallet download
Official command line wallet download
MyMonero (web wallet) cold storage wallet address generator
Unofficial Chrome extension wallet
XMRWallet (web wallet)
Coming soon: Exodus multicoin wallet. Use caution if experimenting with any wallet software other than the official releases.
Buy Monero directly with USD/EUR/GBP/CAD/JPY
Kraken   Trading exchange via EUR SEPA, USD/EUR Bank Wire, USD/GBP SEPA and SWIFT, JPY/CAD Bank deposit
Bitfinex   Trading exchange USD
Poloniex   Trading exchange via Tether USD
AnyCoin   EU SEPA transfer   Purchase XMR locally with cash or online
MoneroForCash   Purchase XMR locally with cash, by mail or money order
Liberalcoins   Purchase XMR locally with cash or online
LiveCoin   Wire transfer (SWIFT), OKPAY
LiteBit   EU SEPA, Paypal
BuyUcoin   INR
Converting Bitcoin to and from Monero   User friendly interface to exchanges, no account required
Changelly   Transfer from one wallet to another within seconds at the best rate
Exmo   International Cryptocurrency Exchange
Binance   Exchanging the World
EverCoin   User friendly interface to exchanges, no account required
Bitsquare   Monero to Bitcoin only
Alfa Cashier
In addition to these services, use any of the exchanges listed in the "BTC/XMR Exchanges" section. Changelly and Shapeshift are the easiest methods in our experience.
Where to spend
MoneroMarket reddit forum
CloakVPN   VPN
Cryptostorm   VPN
Flokinet   Anonymous web hosting
RootBox   VPS server hosting
Living Room of Satoshi   Pay any Australian bill with XMR
Use or to convert your Monero to Bitcoin, then use the services below.
Gyft   Purchase gift cards for 200 retailers with Bitcoin
eGifter   Similar to Gyft
Purse   15% off Amazon items when purchased with Bitcoin. The large discount is possible because it makes it easier for people in certain jurisdictions to purchase Bitcoin
Overstock   Everything from furniture to clothing, to jewelry and electronics
Rakuten   Similar to Overstock. Bitcoin payments for US customers only.
NewEgg   Computer hardware
Namecheap   Domains and hosting
OpenBazaar   A free market with no fees or restrictions
BitPremier   Luxury marketplace
CoinMap   Map of local businesses accepting Bitcoin
AirBitz local search   Similar to CoinMap
Use in legal jurisdictions to experiment with your Monero
International fiat currency prices
Based on USD Monero price updated every 10 seconds. Cross currency rates updated daily at 4PM CET.
Developer APIs
Official JSON-RPC Wallet API   Use this to integrate payments into your web site
Official JSON-RPC Daemon API   Use this to inspect or interact with the blockchain
Python Wallet API
PHP Wallet APIs
For your own web site
Get the widget code here
Mining software
xmr-stak-cpu   Best for newer Intel processors
xmr-stak-amd   Best for AMD GPUs
xmr-stak-nvidia   For NVIDIA GPUs
xmrminer   For NVIDIA GPUs
monerospelunker   Easiest way to start mining with Windows
cpuminer-multi   Linux CPU mining, alternative to xmr-stak-cpu
Mining Pools
To keep Monero distributed and resilient, please vary your use of Mining Pools. Another list of pools can be found at
Merchant Payment Processors
Paybee   (Private Beta)
Manually checking for received payments from monero-wallet-cli
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