Monero is a secure, untraceable and resilient digital currency. We believe it is the successor to Bitcoin. Read why.

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Monero.How is one of the leading community websites for all things related to the open-source, decentralized, secure, private, and untraceable cryptocurrency Monero. It is a Monero hub containing a wealth of original tutorials, infographics, news feeds, price charts, monero mining calculator and unique statistics including Monero (XMR) vs Bitcoin (BTC), network transactions and fees, trading volume and prices, market capitalization, number of miners and hash rates within others.

Monero.How is an independent and unbiased website owned and ran by members of the Monero community without any ties to Monero developers or Monero projects other than helping Monero succeed. Our mission is to educate and inform interested and potential users about the qualities of Monero as a cryptocurrency while helping spread the word about it as much as possible.

In order to keep our unbiased vision and integrity values we are independently funded and we want to keep it like this. However, with the constant growth, the website expenses keep also increasing and maintaining a high standard of uninterrupted and reliable service together with high quality content is becoming increasingly expensive; therefore, we appreciate your donations and offer some advertisement and sponsorship opportunities as a way to collect funds to help keep the website running.
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